Chapter 1 Drone Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the world of Drones! We’re always happy to see new drone pilots and new drone projects. But first, we have to introduce you to the ever-changing drone regulations.

Don’t forget that following the DRONE regulations are only one part of the UC Drone Policy. Local rules, environmental regulations, export control, and even insurance requirements may require additional steps or have additional restrictions. Helping you navigate through all of this is part of the UC Drone Flight Request process.

The Main 7 Rules

  1. Don’t do anything unsafe
  2. All drones must be registered
  3. All pilots must have either a Drone License or a TRUST certificate
  4. No flying farther than you can see
  5. No flying over people
  6. No flying above 400 ft
  7. Stay away from other aircraft

There’s a lot of details behind the above rules, including several exceptions. So let’s dive into them in more detail.