Chapter 7 Drone Insurance

Are you worried about crashing your drone? While we take a lot of steps to help you fly safely, accidents can happen. That’s what insurance is for.

The UC provides comprehensive insurance coverage free of charge for drone operations. This includes both liability insurance coverage and replacement insurance.

  • Liability insurance will cover the costs of any damage caused by a drone to another person or property. If your drone crashes and breaks a window, this is what liability insurance is for.
  • Physical Damage insurance will cover the costs of replacing or repairing a damaged, destroyed or lost drone. Only available to UC-owned drones.

Insurance information can be found here

UC Drones

UC Drones is the easiest way to ensure your coverage.

  • Register your drone within UC Drones as soon as you receive it and have a registration number from the FAA.
  • Attach a copy of your UAS invoice to your UAS registration in UC Drones
  • Make sure you file your Flight Requests
  • For recurrent or on-going activity, create a Project application but don’t forget to add flights before you head out.
  • After an incident, make sure you take pictures of the damage and file a post-flight report. Add as much details as possible.