6.2 Privacy Statement

An effective privacy statement is concise and easy to understand. Consult with your campus Privacy Officer or Institutional Review Board for additional help or guidance in developing an effective privacy policy.

6.2.1 Topics for a Privacy Statement

  • The purposes for which the drone will collect identifiable data
  • The kinds of identifiable data the drone will collect
  • Information regarding any data retention and de-identification practices
  • Examples of the types of any entities with who identifiable data will be shared
  • Information on how to submit privacy and security complaints or concerns
  • Information describing practices in responding to law enforcement requests

NOAA has an excellent example of a detailed drone privacy statement: Link, pdf

6.2.2 Do I need to write a Privacy Statement

While most flight operations are on UC property and within dedicated research locations, such as field stations and reserves, a significant number of projects are on public land, near non-participants or in collaboration with private collaborators. As such, there may be unintentional impacts to the privacy and well-being of others. When in doubt, always consider putting together at least a minimal document.