Chapter 3 Airspace information

When your figuring out where you want to fly, you’re typically thinking about your research objectives on the ground. But you must also think about whether or not it will be safe to fly a drone in the airspace at that location. You won’t find this information on Google Maps though - you need to check the Airspace Maps or Aviation Charts.

Reading an Airspace Map is not like reading Google Maps - you’ll rarely see roads or buildings marked - instead you’ll be presented with a whole new set of symbols and strange codes. But they’re all very important to convey a dense set of aviation information. Luckily with drones, you won’t have to worry about most of it, but there’s still some very important pieces of information you need to know.

There’s a lot of rules about flying drones and many of them are related to where and how risky. For more information about Airspace Class and their rules, check out the Regulations and the Reading an Airspace Map pages.