Chapter 7 Non-Punitive Reporting Statement

We strive to cultivate and foster a safety culture in which everyone is comfortable and encouraged to share safety concerns and reports of incidents with us. Every report is an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, share lessons learned and improve our overall safety. We ask that every operator accept the responsibility to communicate any information that may help improve not only their safety but the safety of all operators within the University of California. Reports may be filed through post-flight reporting, or through email to .

It is not the goal of the Policy to authorize the Systemwide Designated UAS Authority or Designated Local Authorities to seek out someone who has reported an error, accident, or mishap in order to administer disciplinary action for reporting. Upon the submission of a post-flight report describing an error, incident or accident related to UAS operations, the Systemwide Designated UAS Authority or Designated Local Authority may reach out to the reporter for followup and clarification. Reports of other issues, including those that ‘blow the whistle’ on illegal orders, will be handled in accordance with University policy as applicable, and prioritizing education over punishment whenever possible. Reporting does not shield the subject of the report from disciplinary actions of criminal or regulatory infractions.