Chapter 2 Campus or Medical Center Authority

Campus and Medical Center Executive Officer (or their designees) may elect to appoint a Designated Local Authority and to authorize the development and implementation of location specific policies or procedures.

As many University Location have experienced, UAS activity is diverse. Documented UAS activity have included:

Even within similar purposes and locations, different risk factors may lead to drastically different Risk Score. It is strongly recommended that University Location develop a location specific policy or procedure that can scale appropriately.

2.1 Location-Specific Policy

Each Campus and Medical Center is encouraged to develop a location specific policy or procedure to address local issues.

A location specific policy or procedure may include but is not limited to addressing the following questions:

  • Who approves flights for the location?
  • Will departments or subgroups have the autonomy to approve flights with consultation from the Designated Local Authority?
  • Who should be notified regarding on-campus UAS activity?
  • What are the terms of approval?
  • Who has priority to operate a UAS?
  • Specific areas where UAS activity is prohibited
  • Availability of areas where UAS activity may be operated recreationally
  • How long an approval may be valid?
  • Enforcement of UAS policies
  • Creation of a UAS committee or working group to advice local policies
  • Procedures regarding the purchase of a UAS
  • Standards regarding privacy

A Campus or Medical Center may elect to not develop a location-specific policy, in which the Designated Local Authority (if appointed) or Systemwide Designated UAS Authority (if no Designated Local Authority is appointed) may review and approve UAS activity on a case-by-case basis.

2.2 Designated Local Authority

The Designated Local Authority is a local authority that serves as a single point of contact for UAS activity for a University Location. This single point of contact serves as a means to funnel UAS inquiries, including purchasing and Flight Request, across the University Location for standardized information and interpretations.

The responsibilities of a Designated Local Authority may additionally be delegated and shared across multiple departments as long as there remains a focal point for coordination and records.

2.2.1 Example Roles & Responsibilities

  • Is responsible for regulatory compliance and risk management of UAS activity within their authority.
  • Maintains a list of UAS UAS activity.
  • Coordinates UAS activity across multiple departments for appropriate reviews.
  • Ensures UAS liability insurance coverage for all activity.
  • Reviews and interprets applicable regulations and policies at the campus-level.
  • Serve as the liaison between regulatory agencies and the operators.

As many Designated Local Authority are housed in Environmental Health & Safety or Risk Management departments, they may also fulfill additional roles expected of those departments.

  • Provide consultation on UAS activity - safe flying locations, hazard analysis, equipment use.
  • Provide flight instruction.
  • Conduct lab or field safety audits.
  • Remedy faults and remediates poor safety training.

2.3 Congruence with Existing Campus Policies

Any UAS activity on a University Location must comply with any existing policy or procedure. As UAS activity is a new and growing trend, it is not uncommon that a proponent is unfamiliar with the breadth of existing policies.

Some common policies to review for

  • Delegation of Authority
  • Policy on Use and Scheduling Properties
  • Policy on Filming and Photography
  • Materiel Management and Property Inventory Control
  • Policy on Lab Safety
  • Policy on Field Safety
  • Privacy Policies
  • Use of UC Managed Reserves or Field Stations
  • Campus Recreation and Facilities
  • Police Authority and Jurisdiction

An effective location specific policy or procedure would include ssteps to ensure compliance with any applicable existing policy through an agreed upon process with any relevant authorities.