Chapter 2 Scope

The Standard Operating Procedures for Advanced UAS Operations (SOPA) has been prepared for the use and guidance of UAS in flight operations, flight planning, training, and oversight as a requirement to exercise the privileges of operating under 1) a Grant of Exemption pursuant to Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, 2) any Public Agency Operation when operating a Public Aircraft, 3) any other operations conducted under a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) including an Airspace Authorization, Airspace Waiver or Operational Waiver or 4) any operation categorized as a moderate and above Risk Level.

The SOPA does not address every possible contingency that may arise or every rule of safety and good practice. In addition to the SOPA, operators of UAS are expected to be aware of their surroundings and take into account any special characteristics of the area or the mission being flown.

All faculty, staff, students, and other personnel operating under the privileges of the UC’s Grant of Exemption, and any COAs, must be in compliance with all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, and State and local laws. To the extent of any inconsistencies between the minimum requirements set in the UC UAS Policy, the Policy Guidance Document, or the SOPA and any applicable regulation, the regulatory requirements govern.

The SOPA must be read in conjunction with the UC’s Grant of Exemption and any applicable COA issued to the UC by the FAA. Copies of these documents should be included as an Appendix to the SOPA before conducting UAS activity. The SOPA, including any revised documents, must be made available to the FAA upon request. To download a copy of this SOPA, click the download options (PDF, ePUB) in the header bar.

The SOPA is intended to be a convenient source of the UC’s advanced or non-standard UAS operation procedures. Everyone participating in applicable UAS activity should study this entire Manual to familiarize themselves with its requirements before participating in any UAS activity for University business.

Always remember – everyone operating a UAS under the University’s banner shares responsibility for compliance and ensuring safety. Good luck and fly safely!