4 Training Modules

4.1 Beginner Training

  • How to be a good visual observer - Updated
    • This is an introduction for learning how to be a good Visual Observers for novices of drone operations. Share this link with anyone who wants to be more prepared for drone operations.
  • Fire Safety for Drones - Updated
    • Fire is an ever-present danger in California. Please go through this fire safety training before operating in any fire risk environments.

4.2 Advanced Training

  • Operations in Controlled Airspace
    • This presentation goes over the basics of operating in controlled airspace, including how to get FAA authorization and tips & tricks for operating in areas of high air traffic.
  • Advanced Flying Skills
    • Ready to take that next step to being a ‘good’ UAS pilot? Take a quick dive through our tips & tricks for advanced flying.
  • Understanding Class E Airspace
    • Not all Class E Airspace requires an Airspace Authorization to fly in. Here is a quick module to review which Class E airspace requires an Airspace Authorization.

4.3 Cinematography Flight Training

  • Basic Tips and Tricks for Cinematography with Drones - Updated
    • This is a training for anyone getting started with using drones for cinematography or video production. In this training, we’ll introduce how to start getting cinematic footage with your drone, how to do it safely and legally, and then some basic flight maneuvers to practice.

4.4 Drone Flight Instruction

Learning how to fly a drone is easy - just don’t crash! But if you need more help, take a look through our flight instruction curriculum here:

4.5 Short Drone Guides

Please visit our UC Drone Guides Portal for additional short training material and guidance on topics such as drone camera settings and mapping operations.