3 Operation Manuals and Guidance

3.1 New User Guide

New User Guide

  • Just getting started with Drones in the UC System? Start here! Includes registration and licensing information.

3.2 Basic Drone Operations

Standard Operating Procedures for Basic UAS Operations

  • A short SOP for simple and low risk drone operations.

3.3 Advanced Drone Operations

Standard Operating Procedures for Advanced Drone Operations

  • Required Standard Operating Procedures Manual for moderate to risky drone operations, or flight operations under special authorizations

3.4 UC UAS Policy

Unmanned Aircraft System (Drone) Policy

  • The UC Presidential Policy on the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems within the University of California.

UC UAS Policy Guidance

  • This guidance is for those who want to learn more about the UC UAS Policy and how it’s implemented across the UC System