UC Drone Risk Checker

This UC Drone Risk Checker is designed to help drone pilots think about the overall risk profile in a holistic manner, considering the many potential sources of risk. It is designed to be sensitive to the impacts of varied moderate levels of risk to help pilots explore the risk profiles of different scenarios as they begin planning for flight operations. It is not a replacement for the pilot's responsibility to maintain a safe operational environment.

Please enter your rating (1-5). Where the rating scale represents:

  • 1 - 'Best' conditions
  • 2 - 'Good' conditions
  • 3 - 'Average' conditions
  • 4 - 'Subpar' conditions
  • 5 - 'Unfavorable' conditions

Risk Analysis

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How to rate your categories

The ratings in each of your categories is an assessment between 1-5 given within each of the categories. The rating is a compilation of several factors within the category.
In general, values of 2 and 3 would a typical or general situation, whereas a 1 score would be a rare or exemplary situation. A score of 4 would be "not great, but tolerable" but a 5 would be a negative situation.

All scoring assumes the flight operations are done in compliant with all applicable regulations and current best practices.